Anthems for pathetic souls

by CEiL

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released July 18, 2016

Lyrics and Music by CEiL.
Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Daniel Konold / Werkall Studio Ulm.
Mastered by Michael Mutschler / 3m Audio Ulm.



all rights reserved


CEiL BW, Germany

Ergi - Vox.Git
Marda - Bass.Vox
Claudio - Drums

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Track Name: Brothers and angels
If you knew what you mean to me
It’s not just the same blood, that’s running through me.
It’s not just the phone calls once in a while
It’s more than I could say in four lines.

And so: thanks for jammin’ with me and lending me your words,
You’re there, when I shed my tears, when my heart is full of fears,
or on a stormy night, thanks for having you at my side.

‘though you’re not that much into this God thing,
allow me to assume something:
I guess you are not far away from
what the Above intended by the invention of the angels.
Track Name: Let her sleep first
Tonight I’ll let your dreams come true,
As I hold back my dreams for you.
Yes, I’ll stay awake at your side
To take care of your good night.

Close your eyes, sleep safe and sound,
I’ll follow soon.

I will not close my eyes
Until she falls asleep.
Be it ‘till the moon dies
And the sun rises up to meet.

Red-eyed I feel heroical
while your breath gets more periodical.
Your head is bedded softly on my chest,
now come to rest.

Forgotten are all those past failed tries,
This time I’ll count your sheep.

Sleep well.
Track Name: Dealing with words
I am an asshole. Forcing you into something that you didn’t want.
Honestly saying what I feel turns your whole life upside down.
You said you have forgiven. I didn’t even realize that it was required.
What I always told as a cheerful story had become your bitter taste of reality.

I’m dealing with words all my life and still can’t use them right.
The pacifist was overwhelmed by the violator tonight.
He’s crying at your shoulder, wondering what I’ve done to you.
Is this for real – that misery that you’ve been through was caused by me?

I am an ignorant, arrogant prick, destroying your art within a few lines.
Of course the truth can hurt sometimes, but phrasing it can burn your soul.
I’m frightened by the power of words – build up, tear down.
Maybe I should shut my mouth forever – but how then even apologize?
Track Name: Another cardboard day
Looking through this window is like watching TV.
What I can see outside appears surreal to me.
You crouch down on the floor with open hands and puppy eyes.
You’re acting with so much grace – daddy’s only pride.

I hope someday you’ll find your way.
No one who’s forcing you to stay.

The weather was a bitch today, but you had to sit outside.
Your dreams of a hot cup of tea and your father’s plans of business – they collide.
Another cardboard day passed by – he’s collecting you in an elegant suit.
I wish you a cozy blanket and a big teddy bear to set this bloody world on mute.

I hope someday you’ll find your way.
No one who’s forcing you to stay.
Someone who gives you golden shoes,
just taking them off to heal your bruise.

Put on your golden shoes and
then run as fast as you can
into some loving arms
that keep you away from further harm.
Track Name: Keep falling down
Keep falling down,
I leave the ground.
Everything that has bothered me today falls asleep,
for I know you dry my tears when I weep.

So come. Embrace me. Come.

Sing me a lullaby.
Sing to me until my
heart finds peace in your sweet voice.
Drown the world's distracting noise.

And come. Embrace me. Come. Appease me.